Close To Home & Friends (Vol. 3)

by Various Artists


Close to Home England, UK

A DIY artist collective.

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Track Name: Sneeze - Red Bullgirls
We'll talk about her
and rub it in her face
we'll talk about her
and then carve it in her face
i'll take what i can take
when i'm hiding in her place
a quick smoke break and i'll blow it in your face
i can tell you're deeling great from the fear inside your face. i find it hard to breath when you decorate you face. you can't get up. you wish you had your pill nottle. i wont stuffle you're useless. i think you've got the best in me. i won't argue anymore. you feel scared just wait and think about it honestly.
Track Name: Losing Sleep - Parisian Teeth
I've been wearing out my fingers writing letters, like I'm living in the past,
They'll never get to you, you say through champagne looks and photographs,
I'm giving you chances, but you never reply,
If I'm searching for answers I'm just getting by.

I heard you lie through your perfect teeth,
I let it happen, every night of the week,
I heard you lie through your perfect teeth,
Caught up, caught out, never sounded so sweet.

Fighting with myself is always better than anyone else,
At least I know my weaknesses, at least you're not a part of it,
With pictures and paintings you kept me waiting, you tied me into knots,
Thought I saw you with a clear aim, but I never had a shot.

I just wanted you to be the sight to cure these sore eyes once and for all.
Track Name: Tilde - Murder Your Darlings
Swollen lips and gasps for air holding tightly going nowhere.

And that was the last repetition.
It won't be happening again. Cause I'm sprinting straight ahead. Cause I'm sprinting straight ahead.

An unsure look a crooked smile, seems to be the last for a while.

And that was the last repetition.
It won't be happening again. Cause I'm sprinting straight ahead. Cause I'm sprinting straight ahead.
Track Name: Moose Blood - Bukowski
Bukowski's growing old
this coffee's getting cold
I guess I'll never know
why you closed the window
Start reading Hemingway
start drinking cups of Earl Grey
then I guess maybe one day..
I'll be yours forever
I'm the best book you'll never read
you make me feel like Jimmy Dean
you make me feel like Morrissey
when you undress from your best dress..

To keep warm, I'll bring a sweater
you can have mine, it looks better
and honestly, you can take it home.

We'll take blankets to stay safe
I'll do my best to stay out of your way
then I guess maybe one day,
I'll be yours forever
I'll introduce you to Clarity
teach you the words to The Sound Of Settling
make you watch High Fidelity
on a Sunday, maybe one day..
Track Name: Makthaverskan - No Mercy
You came in my life, showing me the bright lights,
I was blown away.
The first boy to show me love,
then takes it away the next day when I had lost myself.
Fuck you for fucking me when I was seventeen,
You knew it all the time.
You never loved me you wanted to own me,
Your time will come, my friend.

I hope that you cannot sleep, I hope you lose all of your dreams,
for taking my youth away.
Now years has gone and I know that you are all alone,
I’m forgetting you when I’m alone.

You are my weakest past and I’m never turning back.
Track Name: Cherry Cola Champions - I Hate Snakes Chuck
Jesse won’t you come out now? We can see your feet, you’re not fooling anybody. Won’t you speak what’s on your mind? Give’ em hell while you’re at it, you’re due for it.

We’re all wandering round. Puffy cheeks from legs always scraping the ground. When will we all gather around? Get close enough, hear our shared sounds.

Joshua your lion heart shines through in the likeness of our daddies, still we share the same weakness. Can’t we line our hearts and dealt hands with the truest of impulsions? We were made for this.

You can’t see your reflection under this deep. We’ll Hold your head above water just breath. You’ll see. Please just see. Can’t you see? Won’t you see? You’ll see.

Selah your freckles and blue eyes bring me back to a place I can barely remember. Can’t we climb the big banyan tree? Tandem tube the water slide. We’re tall enough.
Track Name: Client. - Garswood
I see we are back at the same place where we met some time ago.
Can you remember?
It´s you and me and this is how it used to be.
I feel that something´s not right when you speak to me on this cold night.
Your face seems blurry, so hard to see.
And I´m sure you feel the difference in me.

We haven´t talked for long,
How should I have known?
I figured it would be different now.

Maybe if I had known before,
I would try harder to stay the same.
It´s cold out here, you had to go,
I always let you go.
It could have been so nice, it could have been so simple,
there is no need to stay, there´s nothing more for us to say.
Both of us can´t waste our time anymore.
Track Name: Donovan Wolfington - Spencer Green
Well I can't seem to shake
the problems that I make up
and the smiles that i fake
don't tell me that it's fucked up
because I know that you're the same

and I'm not laughing
because I know this isn't what I'd planned but
I'd do it again

and now I find
myself in a position
where I hate everything I write
and if god and satan do exist
I'm nothing like them which is fine
plus they probably think these songs are bullshit
they're failure by design
and everyone changes
that's just common knowledge
I just got more awkward when I went to college

everything I plan is wrong
Track Name: All The Best Tapes - Levantame
I set it off, set it off, once again and my own hands are like branches.
A tree with bark of skin that bares no fruit but strange devices and a man of no despair,
it's the reason I put it there
So I alone can say, It's irrefutable proof of no troubled winds
Atop the broken cage, plain sailing.
On a wind with solar sails.

If I had a hand of solemn wooden grain.
Track Name: Bouquet - Dreams
It remains to be seen if this is the best that we could ever be.
The path we seek is growing ever longer while you sleep.
You'll cut your teeth in the back room of a dream (and you'll cut your teeth if your dreams mean anything).
Maybe you should take some time and look at your life with open eyes,
and the choices you make and things you do.
because dreams will only work if you do too.
Track Name: Bloomer - I'm Tired
I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired
So tired it’s not right
It’s not right

Tell me why I feel like crying
Don’t tell me that I don’t try
Pull me up and make me feel all right.

Can’t go on and say I’m fine
There’s no place for me to hide
Light my way and make me feel all right.
Track Name: Of Us Giants - Sandra
I know better than to let you in
Let you in
I know, i know

You're free
Free as he
The one you always wanted to be
You'll grow, you'll show
I hope you throw

To save a life
Its hard enough to see without you showing off your blind side
I know, it's a go

I know, I know,
It's not what it's supposed to be,
I'll go, I'll go,
Just leave me to watch them breathe.

It' odder now,
Now that I've been born I'm seeing and I swear it's something more than them,
To live on, carry on.

I know, i know,
It's not what its supposed to be,
I'll go, I'll go,
Just leave me to watch them breathe.

I know better than to let you in,
Let you in,
I know, I know.
Track Name: Courtyard - Escapist
all of those, longs walks home,
in the freezing cold.
was all worth it,
just to fuck around with my friends.
gonna stay out all night, cause im too afraid.
to go back home,
to sleep alone.
no money, for travel.
no money for food.
that wouldnt, stop us doing what we wanted to.
it was all worth it,
just to fuck around with my friends.
Track Name: Crossings - Beer Pong Is Lousy
How hard could it be for you to make up your mind,
I tried my best to upset you but you're still here.
I hate this story,
And you've had more than 500 days.

Expectations Vs. Reality.

The weather's pretty much the same all year round, here.
Track Name: Like Home - Drown
I'm drowning. Whilst trying to save me
And reaching out to someone else, you weren't you, and you weren't there.
My hands have never felt so cold,
These perks of being alone.
I'm floating away, whilst reaching out to you
We all sound the same in water.