This House Has No Windows

by Dearist



Formed in the sleepy midland city of Wolverhampton, the band started out as a studio side project for Kyoto Drive's Adam Binder but quickly became his main focus. Completing a live line up in 2014 recruiting fellow Kyoto band mate Mitch Davis and long-time friends Chris Tucker and Mike Ingram, they began bulking out some of the existing song ideas Binder had laid down to create their debut 7" single 'Get What You Want' released last year.

Now, 'This House Has No Windows' presents a British take on the likes of American pioneers Fugazi, Rival Schools and Thursday.

A phrase as broad as emo doesn’t quite encapsulate the scope of Binder’s writing – to describe it as “emotional” would be selling it short, rather this is truly emotive and dynamic rock music with an anxious intensity that bubbles below the surface, a sense of suburban unrest that brushes uneasily up against the sprawling of concrete and the claustrophobia of modern inner-city life.


released October 23, 2015

Dearist are Adam Binder on bass & vocals, Michael Ingram on guitar, Chris Tucker on guitar & vocals, Mitch Davis on drums.



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Close to Home England, UK

A DIY artist collective.

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Track Name: Geneocide
Chairs stretch for miles, all empty seats,
Nobody came to watch you leave.
With baited breath we sing for death,
By men in white your body is blessed.

We’ll burn your dirty sheets and fan the flames onto your history, wash you clean away.
We’ll throw your ash to sea and stain the blue, and if I see your face it will be too soon.

This house has no windows,
Your eyes have no soul.
This house has no windows,
You can’t see the sky at all.

Its so cold here in side your home, here inside your head, the place you lost it all.
Its so cold here in side your home, here inside your head, the place you took the fall.

Theres a cold you can’t forget, Im on the corner of your bed thinking how you fell so far.
Track Name: Fix
These hands are tied, yours straight to mine and it digs a trench around my wrist.
Its hard to laugh with a mouth of glass,
a shard for every cold dead kiss.

Lynch these hands because I can’t stand the way they cling to you.

I need some kind of fix,
I need some kind of fix,
How can I heal when,
I’m just so damn sick.

Run, run, until I am just a line,
A foot note in your mind of where you’ve been.
Young love is but a jagged edge,
The part of what is left of my everything.

And I can’t stand the way I cling to you.
Track Name: Blemish
Come, come and see what you’ve done to me.
Remember how I used to be,
Falling down to your feet.

Love, love will keep you just sleeping.
The only secret worth keeping,
The only lie I believe.

I can’t keep sleeping,
I can’t keep sleeping,
Can’t fight this feeling,
I can’t keep sleeping.

Stretch, I stretch my neck to the surface,
I ran away from your circus,
The tight rope of your greed.

Lie, lie on your back with your collar,
Testing the traits of your father,
A testament to his seed.
Track Name: Fake
Am I nothing? Am I nothing in your eyes?
Count for something? Count for something? Can’t decide.

Are we counting? Are we counting down our time?
Am I falling? Am I falling into line?

You call it love and break it off but just enough to make me crave,
Now I’m left shaking.
You say you do, but then you don’t, it’s all a part to numb the pain,
But I’m still waiting.

All that ever was, was two hearts faking.

Everything, everything’s so ordinary, I’m no king or casualty.
Wish that I could be the one you want to be.
Track Name: Leecher
I can’t believe what you said, I can’t believe what you did,
It weighs down in my head, I hold it all in my hands.
In the sand, there’s a line, we’re not going back this time

Cast aside everybody in your life,
Now you’re only half alive and falling again.
You acted horribly and it swallowed me,
A place I thought I had once left.
It took a part of me to see the jealousy,
Your green now shows like crimson red.

Tame the lies your always breathing,
See my eyes and how they’re seething,
Show yourself and walk into the light,
We’re not going back this time.

Save all your lies for your gullible bride,
when you kiss I hope she tastes all the vows that you break on your teeth,
when you cheat, when you fake
every promise that you’ve made.
Save every scratch for your bedside post,
when she finds ever line that haunts your guilt like a ghost.
From your head to your chest like a wave.
Lie in the bed that you’ve made.

Can’t take it back, looking back now,
How you acted was a let down, show yourself and walk into the light.
Track Name: Something Unreal
Focus your energies.
Broken your memories.
Am I something unreal?
Daylight, how do you feel?
Track Name: Reign
You’re looking up to see the light,
You’re searching for your Jesus Christ.
To understand who we are.
You said you had some tears to show.
My friend, that was years ago, just be a man and play your part.

We are the common cold falling to pieces.
We are the lion show, singing and bleeding.

Just take the time to build your house,
While everybody’s bleeding out.
The hands you cast are turned away.
Your lies are like a currency,
Your spitting in the mouths you feed.
It’s hard to fast inside your grave.

These are the common goals, sing if you’re with me.
We are the lion show, singing and bleeding.

The rain it comes and we all keep singing.

Take hold and don’t let go. (We’re never gonna fear the reign)
Sing high and let that flow. (We’re never gonna fear the reign)
Straight through your skin and bone. (We’re never gonna fear the reign)
You’ll find the great unknown. (We’re never gonna fear the reign)
Track Name: What You Want
It’s been said, we’re all high on the oxygen and this all hangs by a thread.
Some day soon we’ll be gone again.
Is it heresy to say you’ve got faith in the make believe? When I let hate get the best of me?
I’ll listen close to the ones I know in my head.

But my heart keeps screaming.
The signs of light do shine but I can’t find a reason not to feel like we’re alone under this burning sun.
I’m not the only one.

Just go and get what you want.

Take the kerosene, strike a match and lay waste to everything.
So all thats left is an effigy.
It reads ‘Here lies such a beautiful life X Goodbye’
Track Name: Crawl
Lovely bones. Heart like stone. Sunk green eyes. Waste no time.
Feel my skin. Tears dried in. Sweat from nerve. Can’t find words.

Im nothing but deceitful. We’re all just trying to find out but never asking how, the king did keep the crown.
You’ll never get a sequel. We’re all just dying to time out but take a look around, the fools do wear the frowns.

Don’t you dare leave.
I’m on my feet.
We won’t crawl.